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Natural materials

Calce E' Natura is a line of lime based, marmorino, antique paint and slacked lime materials.
It is particularly suitable for restoring ancient town centres as well as for use in new buildings.
Lime's high level of alkalinity prevents bacterial proliferation and thus performs an anti-mould function. It can be used both inside and outside buildings. If colours are required the indication is to use natural pigments.

Natural, transpiring and eco-compatible product. Special in bio-building, restoration and traditional building

Natural pigments

Earth pigments are renowned for their rich colours, for their typical semi-transparency, chemical resistance and excellent light stability. In particular, they have a really wide range of uses since they can be applied using oils, natural and synthetic resins, slacked lime etc.
They are used in building to colour facades, for spatulate, decorations and artistic paintings.

fonti decorazioni

Lacquered colours

Lacquered colours are organic pigments appropriately dispersed and fixed onto mineral bases particularly suitable for use in art, decorations and film or stage sets.
They can be used in water with acrylic and vinyl resins, with glue, natural resin or oil solutions or with lime.
They are best used for interiors, however there are some colours that can also be used on exteriors: green (types of concrete), blue, purple and magenta pink.

fonti decorazioni